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Kirsty Nash, LAC

"I plan to live out the rest of my life standing in the light of vulnerability and authenticity; and I will embrace anyone who courageously meets me there."

-Author Unknown

Trying to connect with my partner, yet no matter how hard I work at it, connection feels like a mirage that is always out of reach. 

I don't understand. It feels like there is a wall between us. 


 I walk into the room and the phone screen is casually swiped, the computer screen is closed and something feels “off”. 


“It’s my imagination, I’m too sensitive, there must be something wrong with… me?”


Then an uncomfortable, sinking feeling hits as a truth. Betrayal. Lies. 

My world seems to stop. 

The ground disappears beneath me. 

I feel so many overwhelming emotions all at once… I can’t begin to process. 


No longer in control of your emotions, life becomes a raging storm. You react intensely, instead of responding. Overcome by a short temper, crying, screaming, body shakes, or even rocking back and forth in a corner. 

Chaos has become the norm… and you feel lost.


Time has passed and the storm has calmed but you drive by a particular store or location, hear a certain phrase or song and your body/mind reacts as if you are back in the middle of the storm. You keep wondering, “Will I ever be the same?” 


             Hello, I am Kirsty Nash. 


As we work together you will be able to steer away from the storm. You will learn to process thoughts and emotions in new ways, leading toward hope and healing. 


Together we will focus on recognizing abuse and responding with confidence and boundaries. 


Process trauma with EMDR and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) when you are ready, to triumph over triggers. 


I will help you find your strength, 

feel your incredible worth, 

and gain the tools to develop healthy boundaries and secure/safe connections. 


Call today. 

Let’s get the healing started. 

You are worth it (and always have been)!!



I am currently accepting new clients.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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