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Hyrum Wright, LPC

“When people climb a mountain, they don't come out healed, they come out different."

- David Brooks

Over the last several years I have found great joy in working with teenagers and adults to overcome the difficulties they find in their lives. I work primarily with those who are wrestling with marital conflicts as well as depressions, anxiety, and individual relationship conflicts. I use strategic methods to help people recognize
healthy choice patterns and to tear down the walls that many people construct to protect themselves. I also help people construct healthy thought patterns and actions to help them lead a healthy and happy and intimate lifestyle.

The adolescent years can be very challenging. Young people simply want to grow up and do it successfully. I have helped parents work with their teenagers as well as young people navigate the pressures of school, friends, and the demands of social achievement and real life situations.

I have spent several years working with couple relationships to find new ways of communicating, listening, and connecting to each other in hopes of creating greater intimacy between them. I have received training to help people with anxieties and depressions and to overcome addictive behaviors. It is my goal with every person I work with, to leave the therapeutic relationship with clarity and peace of mind. This can be accomplished when people are ready to work and willing to move forward from where they feel stuck.

I Hope to be able to work with you,


I am currently accepting new clients.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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