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Individual Therapy

We provide services for many mental health struggles.  From anxiety or depression, to addiction,

and trauma.  We will help you find the path to improve your mental health.

Couples Therapy


Let us help you reconnect with your partner.  We believe that connection and understanding are essential to be seen deeply by your spouse.


She Heals: Is a betrayal trauma group for women.

Teen and Parenting groups will be opening soon.



Traumatic events can come at any time in our lives. These events have the ability to keep one stuck in the moment of the trauma.  We can help you move beyond the limitations a traumatic event can cause. 


Be it sexual addiction, substance abuse, or alcoholism, we can help guide you through the steps of recovery and into a healthy sober life. 


We offer specialized counseling to help your teens achieve the best possible version of themselves. While at the same time helping you, as the parent, master the skills necessary to raise great kids. 

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