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Couples Therapy

"We have found that the success or failure of a marriage depends not on whether there is conflict.  But on how conflict is handled when it does occur."
- John Gottman

Every couple who has ever been married has experienced moments of great joy and deep sorrow.  No couple is immune to the suffering life can bring, but through vulnerably engaging with each other the path back to peace and love is found.  Many struggles that couples face start out small, and are therefore not talked about or ignored.  But this avoidance can breed resentment and contempt in the marriage.  If the small issues are not addressed in a healthy way, how can the bigger betrayals be confronted?  When we feel safe and secure in our relationship the trials of life seem smaller, more manageable, and we are more confident.  Unfortunately the opposite is also true, when we feel disconnected from, or resentment toward, our spouse the smallest bumps or slights can tear us apart. 

Our COLLECTIVE offers many skilled therapists with advanced training in marriage counseling.  We utilize the most current methods for helping couples increase emotional intimacy and develop healthy communication patterns, which allow for trust and safety to become the new foundation of the marriage.  Through the use of Emotional Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method new skills will be quickly learned, while old patterns of blame are broken.  Whether your marriage is dealing with parenting concerns, death or chronic illness, addictions, abuse, betrayal, financial hardships, or simply wanting to take your good marriage to the next level, we will be able to help you establish the intimacy you have always wanted.  Some of the major goals in marriage counseling are to help couples increase vulnerability, be more honest and transparent, to offer the benefit of the doubt in moments of misunderstanding, and to develop healthy attachments with each other.   

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