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Garrett Bedford, LCSW

"To reach a great height a person needs

to have great depth."

        - Anonymous

Garrett is the founder of Great Heights Counseling. Garrett works together with his clients to provide a safe, collaborative, growth-oriented space within therapy where constructive ideas can be identified and practiced. Garrett hopes that clients know that therapy involves work and it can be a joyful process of growth and improvement. Garrett works with individuals struggling with the effects of trauma, depression, and anxiety, and addiction using a variety of techniques including mindfulness, trauma-focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and narrative therapy.

Garrett is trained in Arbinger, which is a method designed to help individuals and families identify and shift dynamics that invite conflict, as well as gain awareness about areas of “self-deception.” Garrett aims to help you and your family member(s) gain insight, and practice new patterns that invite peace instead of conflict.

Garrett has been working with adolescents for over 15 years. He is passionate about helping young people become their best and cultivate constructive relationships with their families.

Garrett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received a Master’s Degree from Arizona State University.


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