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our therapists

Leslie Whiting, LPC
founder of Whiting Counseling
Michael Medley, LPC
founder of Action Counseling
Amy Fife, LPC
founder Fife Counseling Services
Celeste Benesch, LPC
founder of Living Deliberate
Travis Webb, LCSW
founder of Travis Webb Therapy
Tiffany Moser, LMFT
founder of Insight Relationship Institute
Hyrum Wright, LPC
founder of Wright Counseling
Garrett Bedford, LCSW
founder of New Heights Counseling
Josh Harrold, LPC 
founder of Bright Life Counseling
Joy Payne, LAMFT
working for Insight Relationship Institute
Sanya Fenn, LAMFT
working for Insight Relationship Institute
Andy Newman, LAC
working for Action Counseling
Kirsty Nash, LAC
working for Action Counseling
Brandy Headshot.jpg
Brandy Dunaway, LAC
working for Fife Counseling Services
Bryce Waite - Photo.jpg
Bryce Waite, LAC
working for Action Counseling
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